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Download any map for free to include in your data project

Quadrigram's choropleth maps work with SVG files.

Simply choose any country from the list below and select download to obtain the SVG file.

Select an area:


How to add the downloaded map in Quadrigram

  • Open your project and select the chloropleth map in the charts menu.
  • Once selected, you should notice the chloropleth editor appear on the right hand side.
  • Choose "Options" underneath "Data" and from the dropdown menu select "External Map".
  • Once selected, click on the image icon and upload your downloaded SVG file. The map will appear.
  • To color the map (or if you want to use your own SVG maps), make sure the values of the geometry ID are in sync with your table ID. In other words, that the names are the same so that the editor can synchronize these together.