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Adding Data

Your First Minutes With Quadrigram: Adding Data

The ID (key) is the first column in your spreadsheet and is what allows you to populate data in Quadrigram editor. Think of your spreadsheet as a ‘key’ and your data station as a ‘locked door’ that gives you access to Quadrigram editor. In order to access the editor, you need to make sure the key fits the locked door. A ‘key’ that does not fit the ‘lock’ may look something like this:

Here’s how to make sure the ‘key’ fits the ‘locked door’:

The first row and column in your spreadsheet need to be labelled. The first column here is the ID which identifies the data in your spreadsheet. The first row in your spreadsheet corresponds to the data in each column.

Now that you have the information you can upload your data by going to Quadrigram editor in Files and select Import new file. Review data to make sure sure it is correct in the editor and select Load File. You will notice the document file listed in Table. Columns correspond to the first row (shown in the image above) and Rows correspond to the ID identified by the first column.

Now that you have your data you can start playing with formulas.