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Manage Layout Settings

In this tutorial we are going to show the different options that you can manage in your projects' settings.

Data needs:

You can work with any project built with Quadrigram.


  • None

Select any given project in your Quadrigram editor.

Layout settings

Click on the "Layout Settings" button located in the top right part of your editor.

Layout section

In the "Layout" section you can select the kind of interface you want to design for.

Project's layout

Customize several properties of your project's layout.

Tooltip section

The "Tooltip" section allows to select the base style and other properties of your project's tooltips.

Title properties

Adjust tooltips' Title properties.

Value properties

Adjust tooltips' Value properties.

Label properties

Adjust tooltips' Label properties.

Description properties

Adjust tooltips' Description properties.


You can always see the result of your properties edition with the tooltip preview mode which is always viewable.