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We’ve introduced a new feature that allows users to download maps of any country for working on their own data story. Whether you want to visualize data on map of Germany or Indonesia, you can now add these countries by adding the SVG file and uploading them to the Quadrigram editor. In this post, we will explore the process of just how this works.

Step 1: Head Over to Maps

The first step is to head over to where you will notice “Maps” tab in the top menu. This will take you to page where you will be able to download the SVG file for your project. Once selected, head over to the dropdown menu and choose the country you want to work with. Once you have this make sure you download the file by selecting “download” underneath the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Start or Open Your Project

Once you have the file, you are ready to upload the image to Quadrigram editor. To do this, you either need to start or open an existing project in your editor. We will be adding the SVG file to an existing chart. To do this, select “Chloropeth” map from the charts menu. A world map should appear in your canvas.

Step 3: Upload SVG File

Now that you have chloropeth map selected, head over to the panel on the right hand side and select the dropdown menu where it says “Option” just under “Regions to Draw”. Choose External Map. With external map selected, simply click on the image icon and upload your SVG file for the selected country.

That’s it!

You have now added chloropeth map of your country to the Quadrigram editor. If you want to add data for specific regions within the country, make sure that the region name corresponds exactly with the name on the dataset.

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