Tutorial: Working with Outputs

Introduction In this tutorial, we will show how to create an immersive data story experience for your user using outputs.  But what exactly are outputs? Think of outputs as links between charts in your data story. Whereas formulas give you the power to control your data, outputs give your audience the power to interact with data. This… Read more »

Finding the story in your Data: Part 1

We often tend to think that data as just numbers in a spreadsheet. But that is simply not the case. Data is much more than that. They are pieces of information that framed in the right way can leave a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you are looking to awe your audience, inspire, or… Read more »

4 Steps to Creating Your First Data Story

source: https://xkcd.com/688/ Like with any undertaking, the first steps to starting a project can be overwhelming. Whether it’s a word document or a slide presentation, the blank canvas that appears on the screen can seem frightening. The same thing goes for creating your first data story. Sharing your knowledge with data can be powerful and… Read more »