Quadrigram v1.5 (Godzilla) is out!

Quadrigram v1.5 (Godzilla)

We are so happy and proud to announce that we’ve just released the biggest and best release of Quadrigram ever! 😀

It’s so big and monstrous that we had no choice but to call it Godzilla.

It has lots of new features and improvements ready to use.

Let’s dive right into them.

New features:

  • Two brand new charts (Radial Network and Choropleth map).
  • A new Integrated Help System.
  • Many improvements in performance and responsiveness.

With the Choropleth you can create maps with colored regions.

The Radial Network is a nice static way to display a network structure.

We have also released some new chart features.

  • Axis format: Axis text can now be applied fonts and colors like any other text.
  • Zoomable axis: Axis charts can now be zoomed and paned.
  • Point shapes: Charts with points like Scatter plot, Network, Line chart, etc. can have shapes other than circles.

Here is a little demo with dummy data to show off these new features:

Come on, check it out yourself!
We can’t wait to see what new and amazing data visualizations you can come up with.

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