Quadrigram Integrated Help System

Quadrigram's Integrated Help System (QIHS)

Quadrigram's Integrated Help System (QIHS)

What is it for and what is its main goal?

The Quadrigram’s Integrated Help System (QIHS) is a brand new internal tool to minimize the learning curve with Quadrigram.

QIHS is based in a progressive model so that users can get all the necessary knowledge to master Quadrigram without leaving the working area. Its main goal is to go hand in hand with the users showing them possible next steps depending on their behavior.

How does this system work and which are its advantages?

When users start a project in the Quadrigram editor, the QIHS analyses their actions comparing them with a collection of key functionalities. Using that analysis, it recommends them possible next steps to follow.

This way, users can identify which actions have been achieved and which are pending. For those that are still pending, users now can access this small, yet powerful, help system to leverage the remaining functionalities.

Quadrigram's Integrated Help System (QIHS)The QIHS is built up by a collection of key functionalities. For each one, the system shows the following information:

  • Title: Identifies the functionality.
  • Text: Describes the functionality.
  • Video: Shows the functionality in action.
  • What’s next: Possible next steps depending on the user’s previous actions.
  • Status: Shows (using a checked badge) whether the functionality has been performed by the user or not.

Its main advantages are:

  • Users have access to a help system within the working area, facilitating the learning process by not having to leave the editor to find help.
  • QIHS can recommend users possible next steps to follow based on their previous actions so they can create better data visualizations.
  • Users can track which actions have already been done and which ones haven’t so they can make the most of Quadrigram.

Where can I find it?

The QIHS is located at the bottom left corner of the editor, within a folding panel called ‘Help‘.
It can also be accessed via the top right menu: ‘Help -> Help panel‘.

We hope that this new system will help you learn even easier, step by step, how to make great data visualizations with Quadrigram 😀

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the QIHS.
If you have any question or suggestion, please let us know in our community.

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