Malofiej25 Awards

Celebrating the Very Best Infographics

Over the past couple decades, the field of visual design has taken an increasingly more active role in journalism. One of the pioneers behind this is the Society of News Design (SND), which is helping to organize the Malofiej25. This is a world summit that brings together the most reputed infographers and media organizations from around the world. This is a chance to give talks on trends, have meaningful discussions, and recognize outstanding work in infographics.

The events are being held in Pamplona throughout this week. Today’s guest speakers include, for instance:

  •  Isabell Meirelles: “The impact of technology on infographics”
  •  Hiram Henriquez: “Ain’t Data Truth — Analyzing Trump’s Policies Through Data Analysis”
  • Jon Schwabish: “Once Upon a Time – From Data to Stories”
  • Javier Zarracina: “VOX+VIZ+VID = How Vox uses social graphics, interactives, and videos to explain the news in all platforms”

And much more.

You can continue following unfolding of these events by using the hashtag #malofiej25, #malofiej, or #malofriends. Or also talk to us via twitter @Quadrigram to tell us know what you think!


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