Game of Thrones – The Kingsroadmap: An episode recap interactive map

Game of Thrones: The Kingsroadmap - An episode recap interactive map

Do you remember our last GoT project Kills and deaths of each clan in Game of Thrones?

Well, we though that you might enjoy this awesome project by Mary Kate OutlandGame of Thrones – The Kingsroadmap.

About the project

Game of Thrones – The Kingsroadmap it’s an interactive map of the Game of Thrones known world, that allows you to pick any episode and chronologically follow the characters and events that took place at every location featured in that episode.

We love our community

We really love the community we are creating around the beautiful world of data visualization and it would make us really happy to expand it with your projects.

We would like to encourage you, our users and readers, to send us your projects, made with Quadrigram or not, so we can publish them either in this blog or in our highlighted projects gallery (in that case only if they are made using Quadrigram 😛 ).

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