Data Science: The New Competitive Advantage

Data Science: The New Competitive Advantage (ULACIT)

San José, Costa Rica, hosted a seminar on July 5th entitled “Data Science: The New Competitive Advantage.” The Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT) organized the event, showing interest in incorporating the latest, most innovative business trends in the region.

Meet the experts

The conference featured local experts such as Antonio González Torres, as well as international speakers including Arnoldo Müller and Yuri Engelhardt. Yuri spoke about the meaning of using various types of graphics, and went on to discuss new tools such as Quadrigram, which he praised for its flexibility and its free version.

The importance of Data Science

This kind of event showcases the many proposals from research centers and universities in the region, and demonstrates how much data science can bring to the Latin American market.

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