[Solved] Link two data datbles



I have two tables (excel files).

Table 1 contains core data like score,

Table 2 contains dimensional data about the variables in the first table

Is it possible to link both tables with some kind of linking key variable?

Brianfuh answered

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    Hello Inovus!

    Probably, you don’t need to link a key variable. Quadrigram uses an identifier system that links the data from different sources. Let me explain this a little more.

    If you examine the content of a block “double” clicking it, you’ll observe that there is a first highlighted column with names and one or more than one columns with values. This special first column are the row names, they work as identifiers. Well, if this identifiers are exactly the same on different blocks, even if these blocks are from different source tables, every chart, control or formula in Quadrigram are going to recognise them as equals and will link them immediately.

    e.g: if you have two source tables with country values and country names are coherent in both data sets, Quadrigram will recognise them automatically.

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      • Thanks for your response. Sounds exiting. I’ll try this. Keep up the good work!