Quadrigram’s Chart Selection Cheat Sheet

How to Use the Diagram

The chart selection diagram is designed to help you decide the appropriate chart type based on your dataset.

Certain chart types function best with certain types of variables. To explain which suits best the diagram is broken down into three parts:

  1. Basic information in the top row
  2. Amount of Variables
  3. Corresponding Chart Type

Following these steps will ensure that the information in your dataset is visualized correctly.

Step 1: Recognize the type of variable

The basic information defines three types of variables

  1. Continuous (i.e. can take any value)
  2. Discrete (i.e. values defined within a range)
  3. Discrete Temporal ( i.e. values within time series range)

Step 2: How many variables are you working with?

The next step is to determine how many variables you are going to be working with. With the type and amount selected you have already filtered out the vast majority of available chart types.

Step 3: Choose Chart Type

It is likely that you will have more than one option if working with two or more variables. Nonetheless, you have limited the range of options with the chart type suited to the information in your dataset.

Download Copy

Click here to download the Chart Selection Diagram in PDF.

Or use JPEG underneath as reference!

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