Quadrigram v1.5 (Godzilla) is out!

Quadrigram v1.5 (Godzilla)

We are so happy and proud to announce that we’ve just released the biggest and best release of Quadrigram ever! 😀 It’s so big and monstrous that we had no choice but to call it Godzilla. It has lots of new features and improvements ready to use. Let’s dive right into them. New features: Two brand new charts (Radial… Read more »

Quadrigram Integrated Help System

Quadrigram's Integrated Help System (QIHS)

What is it for and what is its main goal? The Quadrigram’s Integrated Help System (QIHS) is a brand new internal tool to minimize the learning curve with Quadrigram. QIHS is based in a progressive model so that users can get all the necessary knowledge to master Quadrigram without leaving the working area. Its main goal is to go hand in… Read more »

Be part of the new data visualization community. Stay tuned with Quadrigram

Welcome to Quadrigram's new blog

Dear Quadrigram users, We are pleased to announce that we are starting new channels of communication! From now on you will have access to our amazing community of data scientists and visualization experts. A place to ask and answer questions and where we’ll talk and debate about what we love the most: data visualization. And in this blog,… Read more »