Design Tips: Typography

Choosing Typeface Quadrigram editor offers twenty different typefaces. Whether it is for a web article or a slide presentation, the shape and structure of your text is important. While there are many categories for typefaces, there are two which stand out, serif and sans-serif. Serif typefaces are recognized by the vertical and horizontal lines at… Read more »

A Simple Way to Create Color Contrast in Your Data Visualizations

When it comes to visualization, color is king. It is a critical component of data visualization. Applying the right color can go a long way. It is the difference between a good visualization and a bad one. Using color helps ensure your audience is able to effectively parse out the information in your data. One… Read more »

The mise en place (links!) for Data Visualization

Every chef has their mise en place, the necessary ingredients needed to make an incredible meal. The process for visualizing data is no different. To make a great “meal” you need the freshest ingredients, and the elements laid out to begin “cooking”. Here we’ve made a list of some of our favorite resources to help you get… Read more »

Data Viz Hacks (Advanced): Creating Your Own Line Gradient

Introduction Quadrigram has over 15 built-in color schemes. These range from Primary (12 colors), Secondary (6 colors), Monochrome, Sempahone, and Heat. You can find these color presets in the styles panel of your chart where it says “scale of colors” right above fill color of each item. These default colors are quick and great way… Read more »

Design Tips: Mind-Mapping for Data Visualization

Introduction Let’s say you have a project but you don’t know where to begin. The canvas is in front of you and you have a million different ideas that you would like to include.  Simply put, you don’t know where to start. We’ve all been there. Whatever it is, a great way to get through… Read more »

Design Tips: Make Organization Better with 5 Hat Racks Tool

Five Hat Racks When working with data, you want to be able to present information in a clear and effective manner. This saves time and facilitates the streamlining process of your project.  In the long run, this will lead to less mistakes and errors and more time in focusing on finding the right solutions to… Read more »

The Image (Resources) You Need to Create Compelling Visual Stories

Images are great for complementing your storytelling process. Think of them as a “buffer” to your presentation. For those with complex data, they can help relieve the amount of information you have while still transmitting the message you wish to communicate to your audience.  You want to make sure you don’t want to oversaturate your readers… Read more »

Splash Some Color To Your Project With These Incredible Resources

Quadrigram’s editor has built-in swatches to help you choose the color to help complement your presentation. Whether you are using color to communicate mood, brand identity, to convey meaning and structure, or a mix of all, color helps add credibility and value to your presentation. It is an important element of visual communication that adds… Read more »