Working with Maps

Introduction We’ve introduced a new feature that allows users to download maps of any country for working on their own data story. Whether you want to visualize data on map of Germany or Indonesia, you can now add these countries by adding the SVG file and uploading them to the Quadrigram editor. In this post,… Read more »

Challenge Based Project: NBA Players by State

  Challenge Based Project If you’re looking to learn Quadrigram but don’t know where to start there is no need to stress. We’ve created a six-part tutorial video series that covers all the main functionalities of Quadrigram in as little as possible. The total time required for the six videos takes up a bit over… Read more »

Critical Thinking for Data Storytelling

Introduction Most forms of storytelling follow a narrative arc. The most common narrative arc is structured in three parts. First comes the setup, which helps put the issue in context. Then comes the conflict or tension and finally, there is the resolution. When looking to create a data story you want to be able to… Read more »

5 Things You Can Do in Quadrigram

Intro With the explosion of data, it is becoming critical to have tools that help interpret information in new and novel ways. There are plenty of tools that help to do this. However, some have steep learning curves and require development skills and practices.  Quadrigram requires no programming skills and it’s aim is to get… Read more »

Design Tips: Typography

Choosing Typeface Quadrigram editor offers twenty different typefaces. Whether it is for a web article or a slide presentation, the shape and structure of your text is important. While there are many categories for typefaces, there are two which stand out, serif and sans-serif. Serif typefaces are recognized by the vertical and horizontal lines at… Read more »

Chart Selection Basics: Using Scatter Plots

Understanding the Type of Data As covered in a previous blog post, identifying the type and amount of variables in a dataset is key to choosing the right chart type. Scatter plots are useful for exploring relationships through use of two or three variables.  Lets begin by exploring the following dataset: The dataset above looks at different… Read more »

Chart Selection Basics

Chart Selection Basics Data Visualization is its own art form. But like any art form, the difference between novice and a master lies in having a deep understanding of the fundamentals. In this section, we will cover the basics of data visualization by looking at the mechanics and individual elements needed to visualize data. Having… Read more »